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Toyota Reiz 10 G models with remote key chip to do the initial match

For 10 years, the production of Reiz, this is a car alarm remote with key of G. To have more professional equipment friends, do this simple car remote key match. For primary key is not the case of full or lost. You can do to increase security keys through the device. But there is no primary key, if we need to do to increase the matching remote control car key remote control or lost them all match keys, it takes a little methods and techniques. For the master, not worth talking about, but soon joined the line of friends. It can help you avoid detours.

Toyota Reiz 10 G models with remote keyless entry chip to do the initial match

Some time ago to do a little Toyota Reiz initialization matching remote control key, here and share with you. Original car the primary and secondary keys. The key is the main key data 36 56 B6 at the beginning, and vice key data is at the beginning of 7696. If no primary key before the case can not be a general increase in key operations. Mody, this time, you can do the initial match. This method is also applicable to all lost key situation.

First, under the instrument panel disassembly, because security box in the middle of the center console of the vehicle, the air conditioning evaporator outlet above. As Reiz dashboard, in fact, demolition is not difficult, you can remove the instrument panel within a substantially half-hour. Find security box in the middle of the center console. The security box chip solder down. Programmer read data, and then write the initialization data. After the data is written, loaded on the train. Matching operations. The first key into the main switches, this time the burglar will light. And then insert the second key, anti-theft indicator will go out a little longer light up. And then inserted into the third vice key, anti-theft indicator will blink twice and then go out. At this step, anti-theft system has been completed match. But still can not start the car, because the anti-theft system is not synchronized to the engine ECU. So in the end remains to be done, and anti-theft engine computer synchronous matching box work. With a lead OBD diagnostic port legs and thirteenth feet, with a key to turn on the switch, there will be two lights flashed on the instrument. Wait 45 minutes and closed switches, and then start the car a success.
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