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Chip car key role and classification

The role of car keys chip

When the car key in the ignition switch is turned on, the car's engine control unit (ECU) will send a coded signal to the encrypted electronic car key inside the chip, and only when the car ECU unit can read the feedback received proper security encoded signal is allowed to start the vehicle. Therefore, even a simple car car keys, no buttons, it can also through internal chip encoding can be turned on and open the anti-theft system of the vehicle. Car keys with a chip, you need to use a special dedicated equipment to be able to match the original programming.

Car key chips (plastic type)

Used in the automobile sector, the chip is called magnetically coupled transponder system. Magnetically coupled transponder system is essentially a passive state. The chip itself does not require a constant power supply, so that no time is energized. Simply by electromagnetic waves within the range of 125 kHz frequency. Chip in an electromagnetic wave will produce their own original set good signal coding, generally 1 cm to 15 cm range. Since this is a radio frequency, which can penetrate the material, the chip does not need to expose the appearance, shape can be made of plastic or rubber, a key head.

In the key identification process works most car alarm system chip is substantially similar. When a chip car key is inserted into the ignition lock, turn to "on" or "run" position, the ignition lock is installed around the induction coil, it will send an electromagnetic wave. Winding key chip radiation, electromagnetic waves generated electricity electronic chip emits a coded signal. The signal is usually a sequence of alphanumeric characters, which is considered the identification code. In the read signal induction coil, and sends it to a computer in ECU identification signal. If the signal is acknowledged as having been in the ECU signals the computer memory, the computer accepts were ECU, ECU controls other electronic components of the vehicle is configured to allow execution state, this time the engine of the vehicle starts to run free.

Car key chips (glass package)
Car keys chip classification

Chip fixed code and rolling code encryption type.
Fixed: Code is fixed, by the numbers and letters (when the engine is started, the data do not change).

Rolling code: each key has a different electronic code, but every time you use the key to start the engine of the vehicle, the code will be changed. For example: chip encoding been completely copied, the controller system, it is difficult to break through the copy-chip memory, because every time you start the engine when the chips are dynamic password.

Bidirectional dynamic password: the latest chip and chip controller (two-way data encryption) cryptographic code. It is equipped with an internal program algorithm for decrypting each encrypted information.

Here are the common types of chips:
PH / CR Philips encryption chip
ph / cr2 Philips second generation of encryption chip

11-- Big Mac chip (Fiat - fixed code)
12-- Big Mac chip (Mazda - fixed code)
13-- Fu mo silicon (fixed code)
21 - Silca chip (fixed code)
22 - Silca chip (fixed code)
23 - Silca chip (fixed code)
30-- Philips chip (read / write - fixed code)
40 - Philips encryption chip (Opel)
41 - Philips encryption chip (Nissan)
42 - Philips encryption chip (VAG)
44 - Philips encryption chip
45 - Philips encryption chip (Peugeot)
46 - Philips second generation of encryption chip
48 - Meijia MOSI encryption chip
53 - Philips chip (Audi)
73-- Philips chip (fixed code)
93-- Philips chip (Daewoo Motor)
4C - Texas chip (fixed code)
4D - Texas encryption chip
8C - Big Mac encryption chip
8D - Saab chip (instead of copy)
4D chip:
60-- Texas encryption chip (Universal)
61 - Texas chip (Mitsubishi Electric 3)
62 - Texas chip (Mitsubishi Electric 2)
63 - Texas encryption chip (Ford)
64-- Texas chip (if Chrysler Jeep 2000 mine)
65 - Texas encryption chip (for Suzuki)
66-- Texas chip (for Suzuki Motor 2)
67 - Texas encryption chip (TOYOTA / LEXUS)
68 - Texas chip (for Toyota / LEXUS 2's)
XX - Texas encryption chip (new wide type)

Following is applied to the chip models

Volkswagen Series:
Jetta. Red flag before June 2006 can copy ID42
After the June 2006 Jetta ID48 password required
Santana Poussin --3000 ID48 password required
Passat B4 ID33 can be copied
Passat B5 ID48
Bora ID48
New Bora ID48 password required
Bora (Super Proton) ID48 (encryption) password required CAN line
Golf ID48
Gore ID48
Beetle ID48
Touran ID48 (encryption) password CAN line
Touareg ID46 CAN Password
Caddy ID48 (encryption) password CAN line
Polo ID48
Enjoy ID48 (encryption) password CAN line
Do take ID48 (encryption) password CAN line
Siao Di old A6 C4A6 ID13 copy
Audi A6 C5A6 ID48
Audi A4 ID48 password COM line
Audi A8 ID48
Audi A4 plain old German ID13 can be copied Toyota Series:
Camry 2.4 ID4C have matching master key can be manually, can be copied
Carola 4DID67
450,003 years ago, when there ID4C manual match main key, no primary key initialization can also write key, can be copied
4D ID60 4500 03 years later
470,003 years ago, when there ID4C manual match main key, no primary key initialization can also write key
470,003 years later 4DID607,
Overbearing 2700,4000 4DID60
Camry: 4D ID67
Crown 4D ID67
Reiz 4D ID67 Honda Series:
Honda 2.0 2.4 --- 06 ID48
Honda 2.3 ID13 can be copied
CRV old ID13 can be copied
CRV 06 paragraph ID48
Odyssey ID13 can be copied
Fit --- 06 ID48
SDL --- 06 ID48
06 of the Civic --- Nissan ID48 Series:
Demeanor A32 1999 historical ID33 ID41 can be copied
4D ID60 demeanor A33 2000 years
Trail 4D
Paladin 4D
Tiida ID46
Tiida ID46
Teana Smart ID46
Q35 ID46
Li Wei high with Smart ID46
Imperial 4D Ford Series:
Mondeo 4D ID60
Fox 4D ID63
Escape 4D
Lincoln 4C
Carnival can copy 4C GM Buick Series:
Regal ID13 can be copied, can learn
GL8, Lu Zun ID13 can learn, can be copied
Excelle 4D ID60
Excelle 07 ID48
LaCrosse ID13 can be copied
Lova 07 ID48
Epica 4D
Epica 07 ID48
Sail ID40 can be copied
Fu Mazda series: Familia 8C password manually match
323 8C password manually match
Changan 3 4D
Ma 6 4D initialize French cars:
Elysee ID33 can be copied
Picasso ID46
Flag 206 ID46 password required
Flag 307 ID46 password required
Triumph ID46 other cars:
Chinese manual file can be copied ID11 ID13
China Automatic ID46 password X431
Changan CM8 password X431 OPEL anti-theft system
Chery A5 ID40 password X431 can be copied
Sea lions copy ID13
QQ6 password X431
Fiat ID48 dedicated programmer
Hyundai Santa Fe 07 ID46
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