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Battery replacement car keys and type

Because now regard the car keys on the remote control and keys made the integration, so after a period of use, the remote control batteries need to be replaced. You may have more friends in this regard are not very familiar with. Now we are here and share with you knowledge in this area. In fact, when we meet her car keys out of power, we can do it yourself, the remote control of the screw loose, remove the rear cover. You can see the inside of the battery. We can replace the battery according to the battery model on it. The most common car key battery has the following three types of models:
CR2016 type battery1, Model CR2016 button-type battery
This type of button batteries in today’s car key remote usage is very high, almost one of the most versatile remote control car battery. Such Battery voltage is 3V, general use car keys are 9V battery powered, so every time I change the battery when the battery is three full replacement.For example, the wide, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mazda and so on remote control models. CR2016 type specifications: cell diameter of 20mm, a thickness of 1.6mm.
CR2025 type battery2, button-type battery CR2025 models
This type button battery usage is far lower than CR2016. But there are some car keys will have to use.The thickness of the relatively thick than 2016, but the storage capacity is relatively high.CR2025 type specification: Battery diameter 20mm, thickness 2.5mm. This type of battery is also more common in use in the audio remote controller.

3, 12V battery alkaline
This 12V multi-use alkaline batteries in the remote control and car keys early shop shutters are electric doors among older early Honda and Toyota are using the remote control key section type battery. It characterized by small size, high output voltage, remote control remote control distance farther.
12V alkaline battery
Finally, ECU blog we also shared a car key remote maintenance tips. We encounter a lot of car key remote failure fault, failure fifty percent because of the battery caused by car keys. Usually when we replace the remote control, as far as possible to replace the batteries of good quality.For a long time do not use the spare car keys on the remote control. The inside of the battery should be taken out and placed in a hot place to avoid. Otherwise, under certain high-temperature environment, over time, the battery inside the electrolyte will leak into the circuit board, copper foil etching circuit board, resulting in failure car key remote control does not work properly.

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